The Methodist Church in Ireland
Belvoir Methodist Church
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The Founder of Methodism was John Wesley, he was born at Epworth, Lincolnshire in 1703. He was educated at Christ Church College in Oxford and was ordained in 1725. In 1739 John Wesley and his younger brother Charles founded two churches one in London and one in Bristol. It was due to their regular use of the book of common prayer in their work that they be came nicknamed 'Methodists' and thus Methodism came about..

Welcome to our Website.........
Welcome to our church website. . We are a  group of ordinary friendly people who worship together. Everyone is welcome, so if you are interested and want to know more, please just ask!
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We have worship services every Sunday morning and Sunday evening, everyone is welcome to attend.

10:00am at the Church
7.00pm at the Church
The Minister,
Rev Edward Kirwan.
BT8  7BJ
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